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Welcome to DagSongs.com, the official website of song writer and musician Jon D'Agostino. D'agostino is a baby boomer song writer, the last generation that played stickball, grew up in a school yard, and learned as much from the streets as from the classroom.

"I've been interested in country music for almost twenty years, these are the words of a 40-something father of three who is still happily married to his high school sweetheart. These songs quite often resemble the pages of a well thumbed diary, the thoughts inside my mind, the passion in my heart, and the life-lessons i'm trying to pass on to those willing to pa attention."

"There are stories i'm telling on this cd that i couldn't have written twenty years ago because i needed to live through the birth of my children, the passing of those i've loved, and the journey through life that has taken me to this place."

"I don't write songs for the money, I write because I love to do it. Hopefully, others will listen to my songs and take something from them. I want to affect someones life and influence them for the better."

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